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Flexible schedules

We understand that you have a busy life! For this reason we are very flexible in planning our coaching sessions.

Flexible schedules

Train at your speed and on your level when you want it!

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Your personal coach

The classes of our regular coaches and guest instructors are challenging and inspiring.

Your personal coach

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A personal touch

The classes offered are small-scale and personal, so that all focus lies on form and execution.

A personal touch

Private training or just the two of you? Visit us for a free intake or contact us!

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It's all about

functional Movement

These are movements you can embed in your everyday routine, (movements) that are functional for your normal day-to-day life.
We will not teach you isolated exercises

  • Attitude

    your attitude will improve.

  • Fat burning

    you will burn a maximum amount of fat .

  • Muscle definition

    your muscles will be visible.

  • Stability

    your balance will be improved, both stationary and in moving. Your will put less pressure on your joints .

Working together to

achieve your goals!


Start today!

KB Body & Mind Health Coach is for people of all sizes and all walks of life!

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