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My name is Babak, KB Body and Mind Health Coach.

I have 30 years of experience as a martial artist/instructor and I am specialized in Defensive Tactics. Additionally, I provide lifestyle coaching, personal training and nutrition, bootcamp, functional training and personal safety.

My goal and passion is to provide people with the opportunity to live fitter, healthier and safer.

Modern life can be very hectic: your school work, a job, your career, your family, your pets, social/family/work events, running the household, spending time with your partner, et cetera. Life can be busy and we are stressed easily, which often results in bad eating habits, too little sleep and physical or mental issues. It is very important in this day and age to not forget about your well being and to invest in your body and mind in an effective manner.

I will be there to help and coach you, whatever your motivation or goal may be. It could be to lose or gain weight healthily, to work on your stamina or gain muscle mass, perform better in your sports, to burn fat effectively, et cetera. The possibilities are endless, and I can provide you with tailor made advice that fits your situation and needs!

Personal Training is for everyone!

All training sessions are being designed by looking at our customers’ preferences. Every human being is unique, therefore we fit our sessions to your needs. Every client will have an intake session on which we will base our training schedule. Our sessions will be one-on-one, at most one-on-two, but we will never train in big groups. We will try to accommodate to a time where you are available. If necessary, we can make a nutrition schedule to fit your training, take a look at how exercise affects your sleep

“Special needs” training

KB Coach also offer training to ‘specials’, a target group that is often being forgotten or neglected, e.g.:

  • Elderly people
  • Adults or children with disabilities (mental/physical)
  • People in wheelchairs
  • People that are overweight or underweight

This target group is vulnerable and often feels insecure or unsafe. Some do not even dare to go out of the house at night, because they are afraid someone will attack them physically. They could be afraid to take money from an ATM because they feel like an easy target for theft. Often there is a beautiful park or street in their neighborhood that they are afraid to walk through because they try to avoid youth on the streets, people that could potentially insult them or other horrible things they see on the news.

This attitude/fear can hinder someone in their daily life, even more so than their special needs might already do. My goal is to empower this target group and to give them the chance to be active, strengthening their self-confidence and become more powerful.

Training for businesses

KB Body and Mind Health Coach also offers seminars and training sessions for businesses. This could be for individual entrepreneurs, but is also very suitable for groups/departments or teams.

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Fysiek en Mental veel sterker geworden!

Rated 5 out of 5
12 January 2022

Als je opzoek bent naar een no nonsens coach, die weet waar hij over praat en die jou weet te motiveren, dan kan ik *kbcoach* echt aanbevelen!

Babak blijft je uitdagen, want als je denkt die oefening heb ik door en kan ik volhouden maakt hij de oefening net iets anders waardoor je spieren weer geprikkeld worden. In een uur train je je hele lichaam!

Hij laat een kant van mezelf zien die ik eigenlijk niet kende. Hij zorgt voor veel variatie in de trainingen en zorgt ervoor dat geen enkele dag saai wordt. Babak is een trainer die je het gevoel geeft dat je niet zomaar een nummertje bent, maar dat je er echt toe doet. Hij heeft mij laten inzien dat er mentaal heel veel resultaat te behalen is, en zorgt ervoor dat je je over jezelf blijft verbazen. Bij Babak train ik met plezier, en het voelt niet als iets wat moet. Mijn leven heeft weer energie en uitzicht op een platte buik 😉